Tips for the Perfect Label Application

Choose your container carefully

These may get in the way or limit the surface area available on your labels.

Be skeptical of bottles and jars that taper. When these types of containers may be OK with little round labels, they may not operate for rectangular, plaque, directly oval or even oval labels.

Carefully assess the place available for your label. Then quantify it again to be certain!

A tailor's tape measure is much more accurate for measuring the circumference of jars and bottles than a rigid tape measure or ruler.

Before You Begin

Ensure that your bottles are clean, clean and space temperature. Also, ensure that your hands are clean. The surface to the labels should be sterile and free of oil, dust or rust.

For bottles and round fountains

There are several distinct methods for applying labels to bottles and you'll be able to choose the one that suits you. The challenge is getting the label vertically directly on a rounded surface.

Begin by placing the jar or bottle onto the work surface. Then affix a side edge of the label and smooth it around.

To Be Sure You get the label straight and, even if you are labelling lots of bottles, at a uniform place, you can:

Lie every jar onto a sheet of paper with guidelines
Use fixed blocks of wood or one block of wood with mark
bend the jar next to a jar that's already labelled to utilize it as a guide
When the bottle or jar has a seam, then this is sometimes helpful to help get the label directly, but don't attempt to place the front label over a seam.

Labeling boxes and bags

If labelling lightweight boxes, simply affix the labels while they're horizontal, prior to folding them. For paper and plastic bags, make sure that the surface is flat and smooth before you stick on the label.

It can be challenging to line up the curved edge and gap in the center. If you have got a whole lot to label, look at investing in a label applicator.

Take Additional care with clear labels

With clear labels, you have to be careful you do not leave fingerprints as well as air bubbles. Once on, press and smooth out towards the edges to get rid of any air beneath.

Permit time for adhesion

Your color labels should achieve maximum adhesion after 24 hours. When at all possible, it is best not to move them around or set them in damp, cold or hot conditions until the adhesive has had a chance to bond.